Sprinkler System Blow Outs In St. George Utah

Photo Showing Water Being Blown Out Of Clients Irrigation system.

Lawn Sprinkler System Blow Outs and Winterizing

Each winter in the St. George area we see our low temperatures get down to -10 degrees.  These low temperatures can cause the water left in your underground sprinkler pipes to expand which causes your pipes to crack.  This results in major leaks when you turn the water back on and the repair bills can be expensive.

Cedar City Lawn Care specializes in lawn sprinkler system blow outs for both residential and commercial properties.  We can provide much needed winter maintenance for your lawn sprinkler system.  To have peace of mind all winter we recommend blowing out your sprinkler lines. We use a large gas powered air compressor and blow out each of the lines with compressed air.  Any water left in the lines will be blown out giving you some peace of mind during the winter months that your sprinkler system is in good health.

Sprinkler System Blow Outs Include:

  • Visual inspection of your sprinkler system.  (we'll notify you of any problems).
  • Blow out of each individual underground sprinkler pipe.
  • Visual inspection after blowing out lines.

If you’d like an estimate for winterizing your irrigation system or blowing out your sprinkler lines please give us a call (435) 523-3555 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you to schedule your service.