Weed Spraying & Weed Control St. George, Utah

Weed Spraying Service

At Cedar Lawn Care we have spent a decade controlling and managing noxious weeds in Southern Utah. We have several options to significantly reduce weeds on your property.

We provide these services to homeowners, HOAs, and property managers.

What Does Cedar Lawn Care Do At These Visits?

Prior to our visit we will e-mail, call, or text you at least 1 day before we come so you’re aware we are coming. This allows you to put dogs away, unlock gates, etc.

Once we arrive our licensed technicians will slowly and carefully walk the entire property and spot-spray all visible weeds in the non-grass areas.  

We ask that clients and animals stay off the areas sprayed until the product is dry (typically around 30 minutes).  

How Often Are These Visits?

We offer every other week or monthly sprays. If you want your lawn to be completely weed-free and any weed over 2 inches is unacceptable, we recommend bi-weekly sprays. Most of our clients go with our monthly option, which provides great results as well. We do this service when weeds are actively growing, and not year-round.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

For an average yard with about 5,000 square feet of decorative rock (or other areas that need to be sprayed) our bi-weekly service would be $55.97 per visit. If it’s done monthly it will be closer to $80.97. On our first visit if there are a significant number of weeds we may need to charge more based on the amount of product used, and how long it takes.